Regions where Suffer from Hair Loss in Japan

Hair loss can be a sensitive issue worldwide, and of course, it is indeed causing men a great distress in Japan, too. Today, I would like to write about little bit about hair loss issue in Japan.


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There are some men who don’t have to worry about hair loss forever, but almost everybody apart from these lucky people may have to worry about hair loss at some point in the future. If it’s genetic, you can’t do much about it, but if there are any other factors, maybe there is something we can do about it…

According to an article, there is a survey which investigated hair loss concern by Japanese region. The survey result showed that Chugoku / Shikoku regions are the area where more people worry about hair loss issue. In fact, almost 80% of people who answered the survey from the region were concerned about their hair condition. The second concerned area was Kyusyu / Okinawa regions, followed by Hokkaido/ Tohoku / North Shinetsu regions. People are generally worried about their reduced hair volume/ strength and loss. But why is it so different between these listed area and other area?

Apparently, there is a study result that these top regions consume less vegetables which are supposed to be good against hair loss. For example, people in Ehime prefecture of Shikoku region consume average of 278g vegetables while people in Tokyo eat 360g! Of course, the cause of hair loss is not just a well-balanced diet, but many other factors including stress and other life style as well as generic influence (ouch!). But diet seems to be one contributing factor which worsens scalp condition, so we’ve got to improve our diet not only for your body health, but hair health!


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Source: web R25


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