Dolls Festival Event in a Town of Female Castellan

As some of you may know, 3rd of March was Girls day or dolls festival day in Japan.  It is our tradition to have hina dolls decoration at home if you have daughters until they get married, and you can find some dolls festival related events across the nation by the time of year.  So, today, I would like to introduce an article about one of those dolls festival event of Japan.


japanese cute hina dolls

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Nobunaga Oda was one of famous samural commanders of Owari province, and it seems his auntie was once a very rare female castellan!  In relation with such an unique background, Iwamura town of Gifu prefecture hold a dolls festival related event in the dolls festival season every year.


japanese hina dolls

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This event usually starts with female drum performance and samurai dance performance on 3rd March, and people can enjoy seeing hina doll decoration in old houses around the castle town, making decorated branches of coloured mochi ball, and listening to old court music called gagaku for the rest of festival period.

Ah, it must be quite interesting and rather elegant experience to see old hina decorations in old traditional houses.

FYI, bus tour can be arranged during this festival season to enjoy not only hina decorations but also surrounding area including temporary palace of Emperor Meiji and wooden water mill (apparently the best one in Japan!).  Well, of course, this tour is not all about watching, so you could enjoy eating nice specialty food with local sake!  It may be good idea to come to Japan in early March if you have never seen hina decoration.


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