Anime Eyes with Circle Contact Lenses

One of the latest Japanese girls’ beauty tricks is “fuchi-ari contact lens” or in another name, “dekame contact lens,” which has large pupil outline so that it makes an eye look bigger. “Fuchi-ari” means “outlined” and “dekame” is a spoken word for “big eye.” Sometimes it is called “circle contact lens” in English.






By wearing these contact lenses, you can get anime like cute eyes. And imagine babies’ faces, they have big pupils. Because most Japanese girls try to look cute rather than be mature and sexy, no wonder they go for baby like eyes.

There are different colored and designed circle contact lenses.




In Japan it is easy to get these contact lenses through online, or at discount shops and girls fashion stores; therefore, Japanese girls enjoy them just like wearing false eyelashes.



This is JAPAN Style!



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