Play with Hiragana and Kanji at “FONTPARK”

This website I am going to introduce today provides a wonderful creative tool! You can play with hiragana and kanji characters to create art piece.


Photo by Ruriiro Tradition


You can play it online, so no need to download and install. To play, visit “FONTPARK 2.0 | MORISAWA” website and click PLAY & CREATE. There is English instruction.

To see others’ works, click VIEW GALLERY and then click VIEW LIST on upper right. I recommend seeing the gallery before you start playing because the works are so amazing. And you will get inspiration from them. When you complete your piece, you can submit it to the gallery too.


“FONTPARK 2.0 | MORISAWA” was made by a Japanese web designer Yugo Nakamura. And it won Award of Excellence in Japan Media Arts Festival 2008.


Source: Ruriiro Tradition


This is JAPAN Style!



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