B-LABO: Looks Like an AA Battery, But…?

– What’s B-LABO? Who’s Bungu-o? –


Check out today’s product from B-LABO. Taa-daaah(^o^)!


What (?_?) It’s an AA battery, isn’t it?
But B-LABO should be concentrating on stationery. Hmm.


Oh, No. Wait! This is no battery. It’s a glue stick!


The size is much larger than that of a real battery, but still it is elaborately made, and the metallic body looks cool. The flashlight behind the glue stick needs AA batteries. The glue battery (?) just doesn’t fit (^^;


Needless to say, these are both glue sticks.


Actually, this battery-looking glue is not for sale, but was used as a sales promotion for actual TOMBO glue sticks. They look very similar, like fraternal twins!?


Source: B-LABO



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