Never Take Your Eyes Off Your Phone!


Do you concentrate on your mobile phone even as you walk down the street? Many people in Japan are in this habit! Don’t you think it’s kind of dangerous because you can’t watch the obstacles in front of you?



This is a caution sign telling people not to use mobile phones while walking on the subway platforms. And one day our blogger, Mr. I, decides “there must be some better solutions than just saying NO…”


 What if a mobile phone has a camera on this side?



You can watch obstacles in front of you, and run away quickly when you see a huge scary robot like this LOL. However, mobile phones usually don’t have a camera on the top side. What should we do? Mr. I comes up with a good idea, inspired by rear-view mirrors on cars.


He gets a small lip color set,


Removes the mirror from the plastic case,


And connects it to a small homemade paper bracket with a 45-degree angle.


Like this.


Here are some videos of Mr I’s experiment on the street.



Thanks to the mirror and the phone screen, he recognizes the bus passing by and avoids the accident!



Wow! He can walk very fast when he has the phone/mirror. (on the right side)


“Hooray! I did it. Hahaha :D” Mr. I looks very happy!


No, wait! He can walk even while staring into the screen of his phone, but he’s not actually “using” the phone itself! If he opens websites or uses other functions on the phone, he can’t check the mirror (T_T)

OK… Let’s try a new way.


This time Mr. I gets a bigger mirror, an old phone cover,
and some connection hardware.


He makes holes on the mirror top and the phone cover,


puts them together,


Like this,


And this.



Here are some videos again. Let’s see how this new “solution” would work!




I guess it’s working very well (^o^)v


Also, this can be used as a phone stand,


And of course you can use it as a mirror (because it really is a mirror).


Wow! ¥1,ooo looks like ¥2,000! You can double your money 😉


 The only problem is that the mobile phone w/ custom mirror accessory is a little too big to carry around (^^;)


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!