An Island of Thailand in Japan?

Have you ever heard of Thai temple located in Chiba prefecture?

This is it.


It looks very Thai, doesn’t it?


This is Wat Paknam temple. The name is written in Japanese.


Unexpectedly, on this day a special ritual (it looks like a festival, though) is being held,
and the temple is crawling with people.


Around the entrance, colorful drinks are sold.
But nobody is paying. Actually, these drinks are not for sale, but being given away!


Surprisingly, this Pad Thai is also free!
Let’s keep moving. Maybe we can find something else free!


Meat on rice! Free!


Wow! Grilled sausages? Look yummy!!
And of course, free of charge. Is this a dream!?


This is called Chiang Mai sausage.
Hmm, I wanna have this sausage with some cold beer (^^).


This looks like Japanese “yakitori” (grilled chicken), but it’s actually pork.


Oh! That is perhaps….


Yes! Fried grasshoppers (x_X)!


The outside of the temple.
Don’t forget that this is all in Chiba prefecture, Japan.


Once the preaching starts, a lot of people come inside the temple.


The ritual being held here is offering robes to the temple priests. The free food is also a kind of offering. Many of the visitors are Thai people who live in Japan. They come to Chiba prefecture from all over Japan to take part in this ritual.


In other area, a market is open.


A mountain of fresh vegetables! These are not free.


Insects again!!! I wonder if they are good.
I know people cook bugs because they are delicious, but still…(^^;


A kawaii Thai girl and a kawaii Thai (maybe not) cat.


If you want to go to Thailand but don’t have the time or money, you should visit Wat Paknam temple! And if you don’t even have enough time or money to go to [W:Chiba prefecture], you can watch movies of the ritual on the internet.

Check it out! >>>


Source: Daily Portal Z


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