Manga Grand Prize 2010

On March 17, Manga Grand Prize 2010 (Manga Taisho in Japanese) was revealed.

This award is held by Manga Taisho committee mostly consisting of the people who are take charge of manga divisions of book stores and writers who know manga.

This year’s winner is “Thermae Romae” written by Mari Yamazaki, who lives in Lisbon in Portugal.


Thermae Romae

A cover of Vol. 1. (C) Mari Yamazaki



At the ceremony, she made a speech through internet phone Skype, “At my house here, I don’t have a Japanese style bath, so I had the thirst for a bath. I transformed my resentment into this manga.”


Manga “Thermae Romae” is about an ancient Roman bath engineer, Lucius somehow transported through time and came to today’s Japan, where he learns the things and cliche in Japanese bath house and practices them in Roma and gain fame.


From the second prize to tenth are following.

#2: Uchu Kyodai, by Koyama Chuya

#3: Bakuman, by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

#4: I Am a Hero, by Kengo Hanazawa

#5: Aoi Honoo, by Kazuhiko Shimamoto

#6: Otoko no Issho, by Keiko Nishi

#7: Mushi to Uta: Ichikawa Haruko Sakuhin-Shu, by Haruko Ichikawa

#8: Kuragehime, by Akiko Higashimura

#9: Moteki, by Mitsurou Kubo

#10: Koukou Kyuji Zawa-san, by Eriko Mishima



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