Most Luxurious Green Tea Pudding of Japan

There are many green tea flavoured sweets in Japan. Probably green tea ice cream and green tea pudding will be the major items, but I would like to write about the later, the pudding today.


"Usodesita" some rights reserved. flickr

“Usodesita” some rights reserved. flickr


Green tea pudding is one of the easily accessible green tea flavoured sweets, and typical ones available in convenience stores and supermarket can be purchased below 200 yen (US$1.74). But according to an article, there is premium green tea pudding available which can be more expensive than a few bowls of ramen!

According to the article, this green tea pudding is developed under the supervision of a Tea ceremony master. As some of you may know, Japanese tea ceremony uses both strong and weak tea, so this luxury green tea pudding also has both types. Price range is as follows; 5,400 yen (US$47.11) for strong tea pudding; 3,240 yen for weak tea pudding (US$28.27).


Now, we understand it’s expensive, but why could it be so expensive?

It’s actual renewed product under new concept, ‘pudding that even impresses tea masters’. Green tea powder being used is one of top class one which can costs 10,000 yen (US$ 87.24 for 30g!). But it’s not just green tea powder which is special; water used is also special type of water which was once loved by Sen no Rikyu, the historical tea master who started one of the major tea school of Japan. The water is well-known by tea lovers as it maximises the flavour of tea. Needless to say, other ingredients are also carefully selected to compliments all good things it has.

I know how good it tastes when you spend extra money on tea, but sadly, I’m not in a position to enjoy over 5,000 yen pot of sweets on a daily or weekly or monthly basis!! …But if there will be a very special occasion, maybe I can try? … maybe over a week or so!  🙂


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