Origami and Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) Collaboration


“Origami Furoshiki” is a Japanese wrapping cloth furoshiki with origami feature, created by a Japanese design team COCHAE and a furoshiki manufacture and shop Musubi.

A special pattern is designed on the furoshiki, and by folding it like origami you can enjoy different unique designs. Let’s watch how it works!



It looks so fun! There are 10 kinds of Origami Furoshiki are available now; tiger, rabbit, turtle, manekineko (beckoning cat), Fukusuke (the bringer of good luck), shishimai (lion dance), sumo wrestler, shichifukujin (the Seven Deities of Good Fortune), and Renjhishi (from kabuki play “Dance of a Pair of Lions”). You can use as a furoshiki of course and also enjoy as a decoration.

Not so many young people furoshiki nowadays, but with this furoshiki, young people will find that furoshiki is fun and useful. It is also good tool to introduce the Japanese wrapping cloth to people in other countries.

The designer team COCHAE consists of three designers, Yoshie Jikuhara, Miki Takeda, and Yasuo Mitsumori. The team presents “playful designs” and has created “graphic origami” and “Oru T-shirt (origami T-shirt).” They also open workshops at museums in Japan.


This is JAPAN Style!