Nagoya Proudly Presents Nagoya Food Exhibition 2014!!

Like other countries, each region of Japan has unique specialty food, and of course, so does Nagoya! Today, I would like to write about Nagoya food exhibition 2014 being held from last month.

The 6-week event was started on 6th October with a guest appearance of Nagoya Mayor, Nagoya omotenashi busho-tai samurai group (official website: ), local idle group called BOYS and MEN and other local characters at one of the popular beer garden in Nagoya.

What all these well-known figures and characters were supporting was, of course, Nagoya food! I don’t know if there is any Nagoya food which is globally known, but I would like to introduce a few of them.

First item is popular bento item and loved by all generation; Tenmusu, rice ball with prawn tempura!


"nekotank" some rights reserved. flickr

“nekotank” some rights reserved. flickr


As shown in the picture, it’s simply rice ball with prawn tempura, and a lot smaller than regular rice ball. Surprisingly, even when it’s cold, it’s very yummy, and I actually prefer this over luxury grilled eel bento  😛


Second item is miso katsu (breaded pork fillet with miso paste)!


"Tatsuya Fukata" some rights reserved. flickr

“Tatsuya Fukata” some rights reserved. flickr


Until I became uni student, I didn’t know that it’s only Nagoya region where people eat breaded pork fillet with miso sauce as it’s so typical (and often only) way to eat tonkatsu! Miso paste used here is not strong like one for miso soup, but it’s a bit sweet and has a good flavour. You won’t be able to stop using it once you try it  😉


Last one is ogura (sweet red beans paste) toast from Nagoya dessert!


"Hajime NAKANO" some rights reserved. flickr

“Hajime NAKANO” some rights reserved. flickr


Sweet red beans paste (sometimes with cream or butter) is one typical item to eat with bread in Nagoya, and coffee shop in my hometown offers red bean paste toast in the morning. If you eat the toast with a bit of butter, saltiness of butter and sweet red beans sauce makes a great harmony, and it gives you a good energy to start a day  😉

Anyway, list of shops available in the exhibition can be found from HERE. If you have an opportunity, you can visit the venue to try those Nagoya food. Even if you won’t, why not find the Nagoya food you may like to try in the future^^ They won’t upset you!!


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