Wasabi Stories vol.171: “Would You Give Up Your Life?”


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“Would You Give Up Your Life?”

Today’s story-teller is musician [W:Eikichi Yazawa].

It was a great article. The story was his autobiography, from the early years to present.




The story begins with the time when he just got married at the age of 22 years old.

He was married to a woman (his ex-wife) he met in a club, but since rock music was not yet popular, his life was tough. He didn’t have any opportunity to sing in a club, he couldn’t afford to pay even the rent.

He took some part-time jobs, but he couldn’t pay even for transportation.



He managed his life by getting paid in advance, but it was very depressing for him.
His pregnant wife said to him, “I am sure you will be recognized someday. Do not give up. Please try one more time, please!”

And when he was 23, the chance had come.

Yazawa says, “I was desperate. I couldn’t let the chance go.”

He had gone through a lot to grasp the chance.

He always talks to himself to encourage himself. He used to talk to himself when he was going through a hard time, too.

He used to talk to himself in the mirror, “What should I do? I have to do everything thoroughly! Am I right? Great! Everything will be fine! Well, am I OK like this? No, I am not OK!”

Another Yazawa who is reflected in the mirror is his best friend who would never let him down.




Then, in 1998, he faced the worst time in his life.

Yazawa was conned by his coworkers whom he thought they were close to him in Australia. And he amassed a debt of 3.5 billion yen (about 35 million dollars).

He says, “Surely I went all to pieces. I nearly got hyperventilation and I lost the hair caused by the stress. I never forgive them.”

He moved to the States with his wife and kid trying to get away from it all. He was torn apart.

His wife’s words saved him from the crisis.


She said, “You know, harm watch harm catch.


He thought, “Yeah, right. Hating someone doesn’t help anything. If you do so, you just end up catching harm. I have to move on.

Her words saved him. He pulled himself together and he spent 7 years to pay the debt.


Yazawa says, “Anything can happen to you when you do something. Good things and bad things. When you aim at 10, sometimes it may end up with -10. You don’t want it to happen. So, what would you do? Would you give up your life? After you hit the bottom, and then you will rise up. Take it easy. Have a drink, sleep well and make an action. That’s the way life goes.”


The NIKKEI 12/26/2009 by Eikichi Yazawa (rock singer)



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