Wasabi Stories vol.180: “First, Make Getting Up Early Into a Habit”


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“First, Make Getting Up Early Into a Habit”

Today’s story-teller is Seiichi Yoshida and the story is from an article regarding sports.

The story begins with ‘hard work’.

When he thinks about the most important thing about soccer, it is ‘hard work’. What hard work means here is; everyone has to race around in the field without taking a rest. The managers always try to remind players to work hard by using the words.

Being against the general trend, the manager of Meiji University soccer team, Akihiko Kamikawa, describes his own theory from a different point of view.


He says, “I don’t think learning to work hard only in a field helps them to work really hard. Do you think a person who doesn’t act well in general can act well in the field after all?” He raised the important question. He does not think that a person who cannot get up early, does not have time for breakfast in the morning, does not dress well, does not fix his hairstyle, and does not study hard can maintain discipline in the soccer field. He tried to make students getting up early into a habit.

So he started the daily training from 6:00 a.m. and gave them free time in the afternoon so that the students could attend lectures. In the beginning, as he expected, the students resisted the idea. However, they realized that they could enjoy meals well after doing some exercise in the morning.

And they started to attend lectures regularly. Since the students had learnt how it worked on themselves, they now give his theory full credit. So, the improvement of living lead to strengthen the team and they won the cup in the tournament.

With introducing the real-life example, Yoshida says, “Getting up early is tough for everyone. You want to avoid difficult lectures. You want to have an easy life. However, unless you cope with difficult things like those things in everyday life, you will not be able to continue to challenge difficult things in the game. Our body and mind are created that way.”


The NIKKEI 01/13/2010 by Seiichi Yoshida (unknown category)



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