Nice and Clean! Electric Face Wash Brush

How do you like washing your face?  Some may love washing their face with nice and soft foam, and some may just want to keep it simple even without soap!  But according to today’s article, once a Japanese journalist said that men’s face describes his personal history. Of course, it does not mean good or bad looking of face, but your face explains how you have lived. How you lived cannot be changed instantly within a day or two, but you can look nice and clean any time soon if you try a bit, and your first impression can be dramatically changed?

Today, I would like to introduce an article which introduces electric face wash brush.



Now, some men may say that they don’t know (or care :-)) about how he wash his face but for example, VisaPure wash brush lift dirt by its vertical vibration, and rotary motion gently removes dirt lifted from your skin. Fine 50~70 micron brush head make the device possible to clean pores where you cannot physically clean with your palms or fingers!

VisaPure offers different brush types for sensitive skin, dry skin and one for exfoliation purpose, so you can pick the most suitable one for your skin, and automatic stop system prevents you from over wash, too.



I don’t know if I will have enough time to wash my face with great care every morning and night, but I am kind of interested how it feels washing my face with the electric face wash brush??  (Assuming it may be as nice as brushing your teeth with electric tooth brush??)  If you hesitate to buy one for yourself, maybe buy one for your wife or girlfriend, and sneakily use them when they are not around? 😛


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