The Nursing Bottle Evolves in Japan

The product in the photo above is the nursing bottle named Doctor Betta.  You may think “why a nursing bottle on the JAPAN Style Blog!?”. Because this is not the kind of thing you can find on every corner! Can you see the beautifully curved body? This is the most wonderful feature of the product.



According to pediatricians, 70% of babies diseases happen due to the nursing position. When normal straight-body nursing bottles are used, mothers have to give their babies milk in a laying-down position. On the other hand, Doctor Betta raises a baby’s head position, preventing cyanosis, otitis media, and too many burps. Doctor Betta’s ideal shape was originally invented by a pediatrician in America.

And later on in Japan, Doctor Betta evolves! The original material of the body was plastic, but it was easily scratched and not very durable or hygienic. To solve the problem, heat resistant glass with special features was necessary.

However, it was very  difficult to mechanically recreate the special curved glass. So actually, the glass bottles with beautiful curves are now handmade. Amazing, isn’t it!? There are only two handmade glass factories in Tokyo. Doctor Betta’s high quality nursing bottles are produced at one of them, Okutani Glass Works. Wishing for the healthy growth of babies, skilled craftsmen make each bottle one at a time. If you have a baby, Doctor Betta might be for you (^^)



Source: Zoom.T Co.,Ltd. Website



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