Furin Chime Train in Okayama Prefecture


The other day, I introduce Toy Train in [W:Wakayama Prefecture].

Here is another fun train runs in [W:Okayama Prefecture]. This train (it is a type of streetcar) has furin hung on the ceiling.




Furin are Japanese wind chime. (to read about furin, click HERE.) The furin in the train were made by a local Bizen ware artist because the pottery ware is a specialty of the area. The train runs July 21 to August 22, 2010.

I think the sound is beautiful but they sound better when a few furin make sounds.

Interestingly, I found another furin train in Japan. This one runs in [W:Gunma Prefecture] and has glass made furin.




The passenger lady in the video said the furin are fun and refreshing.



This is JAPAN Style!


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