Make Money Out of Dissatisfaction! Complaints Purchase Center


No matter how hard we tried, it is difficult to live without complaints and dissatisfaction…  Once you find something annoying, how do you usually sort that out so that you don’t have to be grumpy all day long??  Go play sports, eat sweets, drink, sleep… there is quite a lot of solution, but here is new option offered by a Japanese company!

A company called ‘complaints purchase centre’ in Japan purchases your general dissatisfactions, complaints, proposal and requests for anything in order to pass them to companies, organisation or individuals so that they can utilise them for future product/ service development and improvement.

Negative comments are not something you love to listen to especially when it comes to a product you or your company made, but of course, to develop or improve your products, comments from consumers are very important thing to go through.  And nowadays, even if you want those comments, not all people are really keen on spending their time on product questionnaires, so buying people’s complaints is a bit radical but pretty clever approach, I guess.

The company received 13,000 negative comments in less than 10 days after they started this service.  Complains received include annoying experience with cold medicine package, switch of cooker being left-handed, and white boarder maker doesn’t stay long enough etc.  Of course, some passionately express how irritating to find people holding their umbrella horizontally to the ground (yes, I know how dangerous it is … ><), but I think what people find not happy can be a hint of new invention, so I think utilising them is a nice idea  😉


FYI, 1 complain can be sold to the complaints purchase company for 10 yen (US$0.1) and 50 – 100 items can be sent at once by e-mail or on the company’s website/ twitter.  Having your complaints heard by somebody else and making a bit of money isn’t a bad idea at all, is it?? 🙂


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Source: My Navi News


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