Japanese Manners and Etiquette Q&A : Visiting Someone’s Home

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Manners and etiquette are different in each country, and it’s fun to know the variations. Today, I would like to introduce some Japanese manners in a Q&A style. Give it a try!


You are visiting someone who is not your close friend (maybe your boss or your girl/boy friend’s parents). You have to be very careful with how you act!


Q1: When is the right time to present the gift that you brought?

a) As soon as you arrive at the entrance.

b) After you are invited to the guest room and greet everyone.

c) After you have a seat, and tea is served.


A1: b) After you are invited to the guest room and say hello to everyone.

In case you are invited to a western style guest room, give the gift before having a seat. And if it’s a Japanese style tatami room, you have to greet in “seiza” (straight sitting) position on the floor but not on a floor cushion. After greeting, you can sit on the cushion.


Q2: When should you take off your coat?

a) Before the entrance of the house

b) Right after the entrance

c) At the guest room


A2: a) Before the entrance of the house

Coats are outfits against cold weather and bring so much dust from outside, so it’s better to take off coats before you enter the house.


Do you have the same manners in your country, too? Maybe I will introduce some more interesting Japanese manners and etiquette later (^-^)!


Source: News Post Seven


This is JAPAN Style!