The World First BLUE ROSES


SUNTORY blue rose APPLAUSE ( Copy right Suntory

SUNTORY blue rose APPLAUSE ( Copy right Suntory

BLUE ROSE is no more imaginary flower in fantasy stories!!


Early this month, Japanese liquor company, SUNTORY released the first blue rose in the world.

In the past 800 years, plant breeders had challenged to make blue rose; however, since roses naturally lack blue pigment, it hadn’t succeeded.

SUNTORY and Australian company Florigene started joint research on blue rose in1990.

After 14 years, they created a blue rose by using genetic engineering.

This is the first rose with nearly 100 percent blue pigment in the petals; although, it’s more accurately described as lilac compare to false blue roses that are created by dyeing white roses.


This is JAPAN Style!


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