Condiments Go Well with Rice Top10

Rice is our staple food and we love rice! Even without side dishes, we can eat rice with some condiments.


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The following is “Condiments Go Well with Rice Top10” conducted by goo, one of Japanese major ranking websites.


#1: Miso

#2: Mayonnaise

#3: Butter

#4: Mentaiko Dressing

#5: Katsu Sauce

#6: Chicken Bones Soup Base

#7: Chinese Red Chile Oil

#8: Ponzu

#9: Sesame Sauce

#10: Yuzu Kosho


Chicken Bones Soup Base



Chinese Red Chile

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Sesame Sauce


Sesame Sauce

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Yuzu kosho


Yuzu kosho

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These condiments are available at major supermarkets in North America. Miso, Katsu sauce, and ponzu.



The condiments above are not only good with rice but also good with all kinds of food. I am sure that you are already familiar with most of them, but if you haven’t tried any of them, please try! It will expand your cooking repertory (^_^)


Source: goo ranking (Japanese)


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