Unique Entrance at a Japanese Soba Noodles Restaurant

The other day, I posted a diner which displays unique imitation food.

Today, I want to share a unique soba restaurant.


Japanese soba noodle
This is the restaurant. It looks a very typical Japanese soba restaurant.



Japanese soba noodle
But when you look closer… The door is a “screen door”!


Japanese soba noodle
It surely is a screen door.


Japanese soba noodle
It may make you wonder “what about the security?”
but it is a screen and glass, double door.



I think a screen door is a common door in your countries but I think it is unusual to be used as an entrance door at a restaurant.

I had never seen a restaurant with a screen door entrance before!

I was very surprised but the screen door matches to this king of Japanese style soba restaurant.

It creates a good atmosphere.


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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