Wasabi Stories vol.218: “Use the Weak Point to Overcome”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is an actress Nobuyo Oyama.

She is famous for being a voice actor for Doraemon for years in Japan. Her story begins with her childhood.

She never thought her voice sounded weird, but her friends started picking on her for having a weird voice after she entered junior high school.

She used to love to chew the fat, but she was so upset that her friends picked on her. And it caused her losing her voice.


So she told her mother what her problem with her friends was. Her mother said, “If you try to hide your weakness, it gets worse. Instead, you should use your voice more.”


Her mother’s words made her Oyama join the broadcasting research club and start giving announcements in school.

Then everyone eventually stopped picking on her.

Oyama’s mother used to say that from this point, women ought to have marketable skills. She took her words into account and decided to become an actress since she liked acting and talking into a microphone.

While acting, she started providing the voice for Doraemon in 1979.


Oyama says, “I sometimes found myself close to tears with emotion in the middle of recording. Then I used to look down and let the tears drop so that nobody noticed me crying. But when I looked around me, Nobita and Shizuka (names of characters in Doraemon) were also in tears. Since I followed my mother’s advice and kept using my voice, I could work with such nice people to create such a nice production.”


And after providing voice for Doraemon for many years, she resigned and then a new generation of voice actors took the role.

Although Oyama resigned from voice acting, she would like to send her messages to the world for years to come.


The NIKKEI 03/05/2010 by Nobuyo Oyama (actress)


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