Tokyo’s Complex Metro System


It is said that the metro system in Tokyo is the most complicated in the world. Many cities around the world have intricate metro systems, but they pale in comparison to the one in Tokyo.


Tokyo subway map

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Tokyo subway route map. It’s just like a spider’s web!


It is rare, even for Tokyo residents, to know the metro system perfectly and make proper connections without the route map or the information on their mobile phones.  Each metro line had only a name until 2004, but this was very confusing, especially for people from outside Japan. Now each line has its own line color, alphabetical line code, and line number. Subways are more accurate than regular above-ground trains because subways are not easily subjected to weather conditions. Also, many subway stations have gates between the cars and platforms, so subway lines have less accidents than regular trains. If you can use the metro system well, it will prove to be very convenient and comfortable for you!


Now, let’s see the passengers in the carriages. Many people kill time playing with their mobile phones, i-pods, i-pads and Nintendo DS. These days not so many people read books.


Tokyo subway

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Passengers playing with Nintendo DS.



In the middle of the night or very early in the morning, you can see passengers who are sleeping very deeply. People in other countries also sometimes fall asleep while riding trains. However, it is unusual to sleep deeeeeeply like those in the photos below. Maybe people can sleep deeply because Japan is relatively safe. But still, many  people have their pockets picked, so be careful when you sleep on the subway.


tokyo subway

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tokyo subway

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Tired because of hard work, or too much to drink?

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This is a sign discouraging sloppy behavior on the subway.
Even if you are drunk, please don’t bother other passengers (^^;



Please try the extremely complicated (but efficient) and fun metro system when you visit Tokyo!!



This is JAPAN Style!



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