Top 3 Favourite Japanese Prefectures for Japanese

When somebody ask you where is your favourite place in Japan, what would you say?  Tokyo?  Kyoto?  Or some other areas you have been or seen before??  As for myself, I’ve got too many places I like, and cannot really choose one (><), but I’m sure Kyoto is not only a favourite place of people from overseas, but Japanese residents, too.

Today, I would like to share an article which introduces Top 3 prefectures in Japan being loved by Japanese.



So as I suggested earlier, I believe Kyoto must be the one of those in top 3 Japanese prefectures, and yes, I’m right!:-D  it is in the 2nd place.  This is only my assumption, but this is probably because people find Kyoto nostalgic and related to all Japanese heart with deep roots to Japanese culture and tradition even you have never lived in the area before.

The most loved prefecture which won over Kyoto was Hokkaido.  I have heard some outdoor loving people from overseas repeatedly visit Hokkaido, so I assume some of you may know how beautiful the place.  It always attracts people with a wide prospect with beautiful nature, traditional building and good, tasty local food products including vegetable and seafood.  The article introduces that Hakodate, Furano, Otaru were in top 10 favourite cities of Japan in favourite city ranking, which clearly indicates that popular domestic holiday destinations are truly loved, and always grab people’s heart 🙂



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And the 3rd place went to Okinawa!



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Hokkaido and Kyoto have a full of unique characteristics to attract people, but so does Okinawa!  As a matter of fact, I am also one of those people who have fell in love with its beautiful sea, unique buildings and natures which are all look or feel different from other parts of Japan^^  Food and music are also nice and unique there, so I would definitely recommend Okinawa for your possible destination in addition to Hokkaido and Kyoto.


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Source: Daily ameba news


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