TSUKIMI — The Japanese Moon Appreciating Day!



Tsukimi is the Japanese custom of moon viewing held in mid-autumn.

Although the ancient Japan had the custom to appreciate the moon, tsukimi style moon viewing didn’t start until the custom was introduced from China in 8-9th century.

In the tsukimi night, Japanese people offer dango (mochi rice dumplings) and harvests, and decorate susuki (pampas grass) for the moon as god, to appreciate and pray for a plentiful harvest.

Because an egg yolk resembles the moon, cracked egg is called tsukimi in Japanese cuisine.

During the tsukimi season, Japanese McDonald’s sells Tsukimi Burgers, which have beef patties, bacon strips and fried eggs.


Tsukimi burger. rc! some rights reserved. flickr

Tsukimi burger. rc! some rights reserved. flickr



The date of tsukimi is different every year but it is mostly in September.

This year’s tsukimi date is October 3rd.






This is JAPAN Style!


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