Newly Opened!! Alice-Themed Accessory Shop in Japan

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is one of the most popular overseas books for children in Japan. Alice is not only famous for its story but also its characters, description of sceneries and costumes!  And when it comes to fashion, do you think Japanese will ignore Alice’s pretty costume??  Of course not 🙂

Today, I would like to introduce an Alice-themed accessories shop which is now newly open in Nagoya, Japan!



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So, this shop just opened in the end of last month in Nagoya offers a wide variety of Alice themed products such as accessories and sweets. You can find cute earrings with all Alice related motif -i.e. cards, keys and queen’s crown.  Products are reasonably priced, and earrings can be available as cheap as 525 yen (US$5.25)!!  Apart from that, this place is also the first official shop to deal with the MACMILLAN products in Nagoya region, so there is certainly a charm, but it seems it is not just its offering products….

Ok, so the true reason why this place is so popular now is that interior of this shop is all strictly Alice themed!!  First thing you see in front of this shop is several doors, but only the smallest door opens, and you enter the shop bending over a bit as Alice became large in the story! 😀

The entrance door followed by the Red Queen themed room with heart chairs, and the White Queen themed room with cabriole leg chairs. You will find upside down clocks and mushroom floor, too!  And of course, you can take pictures in such a themed room^^

Majority of the visitors to this shop seems to be girls, but some boys also visit here to appreciate the perfection of the Alice themed rooms. I myself may not have accessories to buy for myself, but yes, I will love to see the rooms and maybe just buy some souvenirs for friends!


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