Starting at 2,000 yen! Inexpensive Hotels in Kyoto


Asia centered Low-cost carriers are put into service at [W:Kansai International Airport] one after another; therefore, the number of tourists from overseas who visit Kyoto is expected to be increased.

Sating in the historical and tourist-magnet city Kyoto is usually considered to be expensive. But there are actually some reasonable accommodations which even students can afford in the area.


Today, on November 5, a new guest house type hotel starting at 2,000 yen (US$25) per night opened in Bukkoji-agaru, Teramachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto. Near the hotel, there is a capsule hotel which is popular among international tourists.

The newly opened Khaosan Kyoto Guest House is a five-story building with 120 beds total (2 people to 10 people rooms). Each floor has bathrooms and shower rooms, and there is a shared-kitchen and Japanese style conversation room on the forth floor. Each room has free wireless LAN.

Khaosan operates other guesthouses in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Beppu. For more information, visit the Khaosan website (English).


Easy access to the historical sites in Kyoto. (Nijo Castle)



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Another inexpensive hotel, Nine Hours (9h) has been operated since December 2009 in Teramachi-dori. It is a capsule hotel where a guest stay in a small cell just enough to lie down. There is a shower room, and free LAN is available at the first and second floor lobbies. For more information, visit 9h website (Japanese and English). The most of the guests are from overseas at the hotel.


Opening these inexpensive hotels will bring more tourists from overseas to Teramachi-dori area.


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