Weird Prize for Japan Crane Game


Have you played Crane Game?

As you know, it’s an arcade game that anyone can enjoy from young children to grandpa/grandma.


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It’s kind of hard to control the crane to grab the prizes inside, and most of the times I can’t get anything (T_T) cry.

It’s usually 100 yen (1 dollar) for one play and sometimes I get so into the game and don’t realize how much I spent till I lose 1000 yen for nothing.

The prizes are usually stuffed animal or candies, right? But in Japan, there is a creature one.


Check this video!




You got it! Crab. It’s a crane game with crab!!!


Crab is a fancy food in Japan, so it would be great for a prize but crab can run away.

It’s impossible to get one LOL. I wonder if anyone could???

This is JAPAN Style!


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