Wrong Side of a Cute Sock is Evil

This topic got popular a long time ago in the Japanese largest internet forum, 2channel. Since was so hilarious, I am going to show it to you.

First, look at this picture.



Isn’t it a cute sock? Looks like a Russian nesting doll (Matryoshka). The peaceful smile is very heartwarming.


BUT, when it’s turned inside out…


What appears on the surface is …





The angelic smile turned into an evil face!


The 2channelers on the thread said,

“Scary! It’s too scary!”

“It is possessed by something LOL”

“It’s like the doll in the Child’s Play”

“You can use them as reversible”


The owner of the sock warned the people,

“The pair of socks were one of the 3 for 525 yen socks. I bought them because it was cheap but I didn’t know they were cursed… You guys be careful with cheap socks!”


Maybe something like this is common. Why don’t you turn your socks inside out? You may find something more than this laid there…!!!


Source: Nikkan Thread Guide


This is JAPAN Style!



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