Japanese Style Tourist Street in China


There is an interesting avenue called Nanshan Japanese Style Tourist Street, in Dalian, China.

Let’s see how it looks! 😮


This is the sign for the street.
It doesn’t look like Japanese style, though.


There is a big add for Yakult (Japanese probiotic milk-like drink) at the bus stop.


Here we are. This is Nanshan Japanese Style Tourist Street.


Do you think it looks like Japanese style? No… I don’t think so (^^; The houses are reminiscent of those in the West. But there is a Japanese-looking statue.

Let’ go closer.


Yes! The girl who is standing with a blank look is in kimono.
That’s Japanese!


A Japanese mother and son; filial piety.


Even a dog is diligent and literate in Japan.


She is serving tea to guests. Japanese hospitality is well known.


Hey boy! You are so cool!


Hmmm. She sure is not a Japanese-style girl.


Tourists love to take photos with the statues.


Ouch! Her head has a hole because she is loved too much(?).


Oh my god! Her face is a little scary with so many streaks of dirt.
Also, a red dot on the forehead is much more Indian than Japanese.


This street was constructed ten years ago, and many tourist have visited here. Even if the street is not 100% authentic, it is a sweet gesture on the part of the Chinese. I do hope that these statues will keep welcoming tourists for decades to come!


Source: Daily Portal Z



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