Wearable Rice!?

We Japanese eat rice almost every day. And sometimes we carelessly fail to notice rice grains when they get stuck to our clothes. That’s really embarrassing (=_=)…  A blogger found a clever way to deal with this embarrassing issue; something round and white in the photo below. Great!

By the way, what is this!?


This is a brooch masquerading as a ball of sticky rice…


… it’s made from silicon rubber clay.


[How to make]

1) Shape the rubber by hand into many tiny round pieces that look like rice grains


2) Bake them for five minutes.


3) Glue them onto a brooch base.


4) Keep piling them on!


5) You know you’re finished when it looks like a small rice ball.


[How to use]

1) Ooooh! She found a clump of rice on her shirt!


2) But don’t worry. She has a great brooch!!


3) She looks very fashionable with the brooch, doesn’t she!? And she looks quite proud ^^;


4) She looks even more fashionable with more grains of rice.


[How to use : Another version]

1) when she eats a rice ball and finds…


2)… so many rice grains on her hand! Is she in a pinch?


3) No! Not to worry. She has a special attachment for the brooch.


4) The brooch doubles as a ring! Great!!


I wish someone would sell this brooch at shops (^_^). I’d really like to have one!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!