B-LABO: Japanned Pencil


– What’s B-LABO? Who’s Bungu-o? –


Look at this pencil.

It may seem like a normal pencil, but look carefully one more time. You can probably appreciate the elaborate and glossy body. Surprisingly, this pencil is lacquered not with regular paint, but with genuine Japanese urushi which is collected and refined sap from special trees. (this process is also called “japanning”.) Japanned tableware or other products are very expensive, and it is very unusual to “japan” small everyday objects such as pencils.


The eraser is also a little japanned, so actually you can’t erase anything (^^;


This is another kind. (Different shape and color. Not glossy.)


Too fancy to sharpen!


These exquisite pencils look like women’s hair ornaments for kimono. And if there were family crests carved into the noble-looking bodies, they could be suitable to add to your family heirlooms (^^)!?


Source: B-LABO


This is JAPAN Style!



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