“Moe” Taxis for Anime/Manga Fans!

The other day, I made a post about this unique taxi service on the JAPAN Style Facebook page. Do you know the Japanese popular manga “Ichigo Mashimaro”? (I didn’t know that…) The story is set in Hamamatsu city, Sizuoka prefecture.

On March 1st, a transportation company, Star Taxi Group, unveiled cute taxis to attract more tourists (especially anime/manga fans?) to Hamamatsu city.



Taa-daah! Cute, aren’t they?  Here is a video, too.



The inside of the cars looks quite normal, though…


Kawaii characters of “Ichigo Mashimaro” are painted on the bonnet, both side doors, and the rear window.  See the images below. There are three kinds, and you can chose your favorite one when you make a reservation. Which one do you like the best ^^?


1) No. 579



2) No. 88



3) No. 267


These taxis mainly run for guided city tours. You can look around the locations seen in “Ichigo Mashimaro”. They are just launched on March 1, but already becoming very popular^^. Why don’t you ride one of them when you visit Hamamatsu! You (actually the taxi) will attract a great attention XD!


Source: Hamamatsu “Ichigo Mashimaro Moe Taxi” Project Website


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