iPad Order System at a Sushi Go Round “Katsu” in Tokyo


Touch panel ordering system has been common among sushi-go-round restaurants (Developed Sushi-Go-Round!!).


Photo by MJTR (´・ω・)


Just like new sushi keeps coming on the conveyer, there is always new idea comes into the sushi business.

Newly opened “Mawari-Sushi Katsu” in [W:Ikebukuro] introduced brand new ordering system using … iPad!!!

Each table at this sushi-go-round is equipped iPad for customers to order their sushi, which are delivered to the table on the conveyer in about one minute.



The advantage of using iPad is that it costs less than former touch panels. Also, the restaurants can get new customers who are interested in the iPad ordering system (The Japanese love new things (^_^)); although, restaurant is already popular for the good quality sushi at seven other locations. Since “Mawari-Sushi Katsu” is produced by a famous sushi restaurant “Midori Sushi,” there is no doubt that they serve good sushi.

And good news for sushi lover, “Katsu” has wide variety of 105 yen (US$1.30) sushi (2 pieces on a plate)!


“Sushi Plate at Midori Sushi”


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This is JAPAN Style!



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