Fun App! Dot Game Camera

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Today I would like to share an interesting Android app called “Dot Game Camera“. If you spent your childhood as a computer game lover in 1980’s, then this app will excite you. “Dot Game Camera” is an app that turns regular pictures into retro 8-bit computer game-looking images.

Just tap the objects and the background, and the app automatically transforms them into 8-bit dotted images. You can adjust the dot sizes and colors, too. The image you create is saved in the same folder as the original picture. What’s more, it is possible to make the background plain white and cut out the featured objects only. So, you can use these images for the game you created on your own.


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Here is an introduction video for “Dot Game Camera”. It’s Japanese, but still I think it will help your understanding. (I roughly described above what the navigator girl is talking about.)



Source: Netlab


Author: Junko


This is JAPAN Style!