How to Cure Hiccups

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Hic! Whoops, excuse me. Hic, hic, hic…


When you can’t get rid of your hiccups, what do you? Do you have any particular ways to stop them? Maybe common ways are holding your breath and getting somebody to surprise you. In Japan, there are many ways to cure hiccups. I’m not sure about their scientific basis, but would like to share some of them 🙂


1) Let someone ask you unpredictable questions

This is a variation of “getting somebody to surprise you”. If you are suddenly asked “What is tofu made from?” while having endless hiccups, you will be taken aback. And it is said that hiccups stop when you answer “daizu (soybeans)”. According to one theory, to pronounce “daizu” helps to cure hiccups, so just repeating “daizu, daizu, daizu….” may work ;D


2) Brew and drink calyxes of persimmons

Put ten calyxes of persimmons into 300ml of water. Brew it until the amount of water becomes 150ml. This is an old folk remedy. I want to try it, but maybe my hiccups will be gone before the brewing is complete (^^;


3) Drink water from the other side of the glass

This is kind of difficult! Bend your body forward over the glass and touch your lips on the edge of the opposite side. Can you imagine? I think unnatural body movements help to cure hiccups.

Maybe your country also has similar methods. Or you may have more interesting personal methods to stop hiccups;) Please do tell us if you have something!




This is JAPAN Style!