Alcohol, Carb, Calorie FREE Shochu “Kozuru ZERO”

In a shochu kingdom Kagoshima prefecture, the world first alcohol free shochu was invented. It was named Kozuru Zero and invented by Komasajozo, a distillery that sells sweet potato shochu brand Kozuru.



Not only is Kozuru Zero alcohol free, it’s also carbohydrate and calorie free!!

Komasajozo said that to make alcohol free shochu, they use the same ingredients as what they use to make sweet potato shochu except for yeast fungus to ferment the liquor.

The distillery started developing the drink after being asked “don’t you make alcohol free shochu?” by its customers numerous times. At the beginning, they were hesitated to make alcohol free shochu wondering if anyone actually cares for it. But the popularity of alcohol free beer made them decide to develop non-alcohol shochu.

So far, the main purchasers are aged people. Since it is alcohol “0.00%” drink, it can also be enjoyed by patients who are not allowed to drink alcohol, people who have to drive, and pregnant women.


Source: Trendy Nikkei
Image from YouTube video


This is JAPAN Style!