Department Store with No Male Employee at All??

Today, I would like to introduce and article about an interesting department store in Saitama Pref.

Department stores are very popular not only for its beautifully-displayed shops, wide variety of products available and very nice service, but also for fashionable restaurant, café and food shops on the ground floor.  But the department store, which is introduced in this article, is a bit different from the others.

So, one thing, which makes this department store so unique, is the fact that employees including shop managers are all female.  Since majority of customers for department stores are female, this store aims to quickly respond to female customers’ demand and meet their expectation with their female staff.  Also, surprisingly, shops for male in this department store are a fifth of female shops, which clearly indicated that this store’s target is female!

Well, it may be very good news for women, but sounds a bit sad from a view point of products availability for men…


department store

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 (This is a typical image of department store, not the actual store indicated in the article.)



As soon as this store’s concept is revealed, massive discussion was started on a site.  According to the article, there seems to be some shy Japanese man commented that he will be too shy to walk into such a place, and some showed uneasy feeling toward the fact that the store chose not to have any male staff. But there are also subjective people, saying that it must be interesting as an experiment.

However, yes, I understand why some men find it too challenging to go into female-staff-only shop~(-_-;)


But interestingly, there are some people who wish for male-staff-only department store, which was shamefully strongly opposed by some people insists that males staff only sounds sweaty!

…Errrr, sweaty is a bit too harsh, isn’t it lol ??  Well, I think it is always nice to have some variety, so we could have a department store with strictly male staff only as an experiment?


What do you think about today’s article?

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you 🙂


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