Japanese School Bag “Randoseru” backpack boy girl

Japanese school bag randoseru cosplay


This school bag, which has been awarded many awards in Japan, including the Prize of the Minister of education and culture, the Prize of the Minister of economy and the Good Design Prize, is the product of the Naas Leather Products Co., Ltd. Especially recently, the small children in Japan have started to be more aware of the fashion and since individuality is respected nowadays, we have tried to produce a school bag that will fulfill all the requirements regarding the fashionable design of a slightly adult-like taste, as well as light weight and easy-to-use functionality.

The artificial leather-like material “Clarino”, has been made using scientific methods that re-produced the structure of genuine leather.  In comparison with the genuine leather, the material “Clarino” is strong and light, resistant against water and dirt, easy to maintain and also cheaper.  This bag uses the material “Clarino”, which is water and dirt-resistant, so you can use our product for many years.


japanese school bag randoseru


Japanese school bag randoseru boy girl


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