[Japan after Quake] Headline Round-up : Sep 5 – 11



This is a weekly headline round-up of the posts titled [Japan after Quake] on our Facebook page.


[Sep. 5] Toshiba – Japan has new relationship with energy.


Toshiba CEO of digital products Masaaki Osumi believes people in Japan have changed their relationship with energy following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the east of the country earlier this year.


[Sep. 6] Witness to disaster: Six months on from Japan’s tsunami.


“I was just lucky,” Akiko Iwasaki said. “All the conditions for me to survive were there at that particular moment. Had it happened even a little earlier or a little later, I would have probably died.”


[Sep. 7] Book recalls Japan tsunami through children’s eyes.


Remembering Japan’s quake-tsunami disaster, one child writes how the earth rumbled and roared, another recalls that the black wave stank and a third, who lost her friend, calls the tsunami “greedy”.


[Sep. 8] The first charter flight to Tohoku arrives from Taiwan. 182 people enjoy a tour around the Tohoku region.


The next charter fight schedule is Nov. 8 and 12. Two return trips / four flights.


[Sep. 9] Gallery: Japan’s tsunami repairs, six months on.


a selection of photos showing the damage caused by the tsunami – and how the repairs are progressing at an incredible pace.


[Sep. 10] According to Metro Police, 55.7% of the 14,553 casualties from the 3.11 disaster are over 65 yrs old.


90.5% of casualties caused by drowning.


[Sep. 11] ‎6 months after tsunami, Miyagi Pref. fishermen strive for recovery one day at a time.


One fisherman says, “when I look at my children, I always think, ‘All right, I’ll try one more time.’ I want to have all the blessings of the sea on their plates.”


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