Unique Japanese Item: Self-made Mobile Phone Strap

I assume that many of you use mobile phone and smart phone, but do you have mobile phone strap?

In Japan, it is very common to have a favorite mobile phone strap especially for the young people. Some have more than one; in fact, I often come across girls with many decorative straps hang from their phones.


Here is an interesting article on a unique mobile phone strap.


handmade phone strap

One day, the poster saw his friend, wearing wooden ring.
When he asked his friend whether it was for change,
his friend told him that it was actually for convenience.


handmade phone strap

Surprisingly, it was a self-made strap, tied wooden ring with a string!
With this strap, you won’t drop your phone anymore,
and size of your hand will not be a problem to use your phone with one hand.



Good idea, isn’t it? 😉


I’m also the one, who worry about dropping my phone while inputting characters.

However, this ring will certainly help protect my phone from hitting the ground from now on.


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!