Compare Cosplayers and Original Pictures

4 more weeks to Halloween. Are you planning to wear a costume this year? You can always find nice Halloween costumes at stores, but they are so classic and the same as in the past years. Are you going to be a vampire, pirate, prisoner, sexy cop, or bloody nurse again? Or just like others?

Or do you have sense of adventure to be your favorite character from anime and games?

Being a Japanese anime or game character will be exciting and original! There will be no one who is in the same costume as you are.



Check the video below which show cosplayers and the original pictures of the characters!






Some of them are really successful and the costumes are truly copied from the original.

How do they transform so well?

According to cosplayers, you can find those costumes, wigs, props, makeup products at Japanese stores specializing in anime and game costumes.

Acos (Japanese)

CosColle Online Store (Japanese)


When cosplayers can’t find costumes for their favorite character, they make one with their creativity and passion!

There are websites that offer downloadable patterns for costumes.

Cosplay Kobo (Japanese) free patterns available

Usako no Seisaku Kobo (Japanese) some patterns are free (read “download rule” to get password)


Hope you find the information here useful! 😉


This is JAPAN Style!