Explore Mie: The Louvre Museum? and Daikannon Temple


Have you ever been to the Louvre Museum? I know, Paris is too far away and we don’t have a chance to go there so often. But, here’s good news for you! You can enjoy magnificent arts very similar to the Louvre Museum’s (but different) in Japan.

The “Louvre Sculpture Museum” is here in Mie Prefecture.

I’ll show you what it is like ♪


Outstanding, aren’t they?


Don’t you think her smile is beautiful?!


You can find famous sculptures here and there….


Maybe enough….


Well, I think people want to enjoy arts little by little, but the Louvre Sculpture Museum has too many arts to see. The more you see, the less you’ll appreciate them.

It may look funny, but the Louvre Sculpture Museum was built according to the Louvre Museum’s advice and designed by a famous Japanese architect named “Kisho Kurokawa.”

Surprisingly all sculptures displayed here were molded from original ones!!

The Louvre Sculpture Museum is awesome, but there is one more unique spot just next to this museum.

It’s called “Daikannonji Temple.” “Dai” literally means big and “kannon” means the Buddhist God of Mercy in Japanese. Here is the photo of “Daikannon.”


33 meters tall. How glittering!!


Not only this “Daikannon,” but you can also see eccentric objects normal temples never have in their gardens again and again. For example,


Look at frogs’ orchestra!!


Here is another orchestra of cats!


Smiley “Ofuku” — a traditional lucky doll


“Yaruki Daruma” —
he will encourage you when you feel blue.


Can you guess what this is?


Haha, this is “Karaoke-Kannon.”


Say cheese!


Too many golden Tengu — long-nosed goblins


I have no idea what this is for??


How did you like them? (As I said earlier, other temples never display things like that.) So, rush off to Mie now!!

You can enjoy both artistic and Buddhism exhibitions at the same time here. ^_^

Source: Daily Portal Z


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