Japanese Pop Origami Unit – Kokeshi Origami and so on


The other day I met people who do unique business.

What they produce is origami, and it’s not just ordinary one.

For the purpose to “make origami pop!”, they create graphic origami, which have designs on the papers to indicate how to fold them.

By folding along with the designs, anyone can make beautiful origami work.

The followings are the combinations of Japanese kokeshi doll and origami, “Kokeshi origami”.


kokeshi origami


kokeshi origami

The each one has different design.


kokeshi origami
Back side.



There are other kinds of graphic origami.

These ones are called “Funny Face” and you can make various faces by folding differently.

“Funny Face” won Good Design Award 2008.


funny face


I think videos can tell better what they are, so please watch the following videos.





They are cool, aren’t they?

Because the graphic origami have novel designs and grown ups can enjoy, they often shown at exhibitions and covered by magazines.

So they’ve got a lot of attentions.

They also utilize the idea into advertisement business.

They fold handbills printed a design to distribute to customers.


Please see the following pictures.


This is the folded one to distribute to customers.


Unfolded one is like this.


On the back of the sheet, it is written information of an event.


Isn’t it interesting and unique idea?

People walking on a street usually don’t take handbills but they will take this one thinking “what’s this?”


The people who produce these are one male and one female origami unit named “Cochae”.

Actually, there are more interesting productions from Cochae, so I will introduce them to you next time!




This is the JAPAN Style!



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