Japanese Children are Busy Taking Lessons!!! – abacus, syodo, baseball, soccer


Japanese Soroban. Copy right "takocchi"

Japanese Soroban. Copy right "takocchi"

Many Japanese children take lessons outside of school or kindergarten.

The popular lessons are, piano, swimming, violin, [W:abacus] (soroban), Japanese calligraphy (syodo), painting, baseball, and soccer.

Some parents have their kids to take various different lessons to find their talents.

If the kids like to do that, it’s good opportunity for them to socialize in different environments.

Besides those lessons, children go to juku, which is cram school where kids go after regular school.

The good thing about juku is that they teach each child according to his or her level.

Another advantage of juku is that juku is a good place to make friends.

Because kids from different school get together at juku, they can meet new kids.

Also, some kids make friends with their teachers.


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