The Japanese Car that is Popular in overseas countries is…


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I have heard from news and such that Japanese cars are popular in overseas countries but I recently found an amazing fact that “That can’t be!” kind of car is popular.

That is a Japanese small pick-up truck, and it seems that it’s popular to remodel used ones from Japan and drive wildly on off-roads among American car maniacs.


The videos what I saw is this. It’s on YouTube.




Those trucks are called “Samurai Trucks”. I think that’s a good name for them!

The tires are changed to Caterpillar tires and drives crazily on the snow. It surely looks fun LOL.


This video is fun too.




They are doing well on the dirt but the last one got stuck LOL.


This one is soaking in a lake!




In Japan, those mini trucks are commonly used by vegetable stores, fruits stores, florists, and any small businesses relating agriculture.

Since this type of car is small and inexpensive to import, they can spend much money on remodeling (?).

I was really surprised that Japanese mini trucks are used in such way in other countries!



This is the JAPAN Style!



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