Japanese Garden — Kenroku-en etc…

Japanese Kenroku-en

Japanese Kenroku-en

Japanese gardens are designed to be enjoyed in every season; even in heavy snows.

The layouts of Japanese gardens are not allowed to be geometric patterns, and it is very important to evoke natural scenes in the gardens.

Although Japanese gardens are seen in many places in Japan, there are especially large and historical gardens.

They are called “The Three Great Gardens of Japan,” which are Kenroku-en, Kōraku-en and Kairaku-en.

Kenroku-en, located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, was built from the 1620 to 1884.

It is adjacent to the Kanazawa castle.

Kōraku-en Garden, located in Okayama, was built in 1687 to 1700.

It is a huge garden and surrounded by a river.

Okayama castle is seen from Kōraku-en.

Kairaku-en is located in Mito, Ibaraki, was built in1842.

It is famous for 3000 of ume (Japanese apricot) trees.


Right: Okayama Castle seen from Koraku-en.
kamoda some rights reserved. flickr


Left: Kairaku-en Garden. koemu some rights reserved. flickr


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