Urushi Lacquered Organic Wood USB Collection


For those who love traditional genuine art crafts, I-O Data Device, Inc. and a gold leaf crafts manufacture and sales company, Hakuichi collaborated and made urushi-lacquered-organic-wood USB collection.



The eleven designs are, from the left, “the wind and thunder gods,” “bamboo leaves,” “willow tree,” “Japanese maple leaves,” “rock garden,” “chrysanthemums,” “a rabbit and the moon,” “a gold fish in a pond,” “mari balls,” “cherry blossoms,” and “roses.”

They are plated with Kanazawa gold leaf, which has 500 years of history and shares 98% of gold leaf in Japan.

The USB is nicely kept in a box of paulownia wood.


The 4GB USB is sold at 9,980 yen (US$118).

It is pricy but it would be goof for those who are tired of being surrounded all plastics. This is an idea to bring nice art and nature into your life!


Source: http://ruri.crara.cc/archives/4732/

Pictures: (c) I-O DATA DEVICE, INC.



This is JAPAN Style!



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