Wasabi Stories vol.265: KONISHIKI Fund

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Konishiki: ex-sumo wrestler from Hawaii, the US
Fund raiser for schools in Hawaii and for the Tohoku earthquake affected area


You would not disagree that Konishiki was by far the most charming, popular and talented figure in the sumo world. He used to be 187cm tall and weigh 275kg. I remember he looked much bigger than any other wrestlers in a ring on the TV screen.

As you may know, Konishiki did not have an easy career path as a Sumo wrestler. He was born in a very poor Samoan family and brought up in Hawaii but yet built his career in the most traditional sport world in Japan. He had to face many an unreasonable hardships.


After his retirement in 1997 he set up “KONISHIKI Fund” for the purpose to show Hawaiian children the world and invite them to Japan every year, hoping the opportunities open them up something to aspire to. He started donating to the local schools to help improve the school facilities. He wished the Hawaiian children to get education to grasp an opportunity.

As of April 2011 he also has donated a part of the fund to support the Tohoku earthquake affected area by offering Chanko (a well-known sumo cuisine) or sending seasonal gifts to children.


As Konishiki says “what you can do to people who are affected is limited. However I always admire who has persistence to keep on doing something limited but for a number of years to stand by them.”


By Konishiki Yasokichi (ex-sumo wrestler), December 2012, YOMIURI ONLINE


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