All You Can Eat Buffet in Japan

If the portion of food at restaurants in Japan is too small and can’t satisfy your stomach, you should go to all you can eat buffet!

It is also called Viking (baikingu) or tabehoudai in Japan.  There are lot of them in big cities, especially, some regular restaurants serve lunch time all you can eat at reasonable price too.


When you are in Japan, don’t miss these signs.


Japanese Signs

Japanese Signs


There are a few things you should know before you go to buffet in Japan.

– Many of them have time limit

– Don’t get a large amount of unfamiliar food. It is rude to leave food on the plate.

Because the Japanese have custom to eat alittle bit of everything, some Japanese style buffet give you a divided plate. If you go to that kind of buffet, keep it in your mind that it meant to be put small amount of various foods.


“Hotel Wellseason Hamanako”


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“Nabezou in Shinjuku (all you can eat shabu shabu)”


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I found lists of all you can eat buffet in Japan at and GOURNAVI .

If you can read Japanese, is the best website to find buffet or any restaurants in Japan.



This is JAPAN Style!



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